What Degrees Can I Earn Online?

With limited exceptions (such as medical school programs), there are few degrees that you cannot earn through online education or?distance learning. There are accredited distance education programs available which range from elementary school to doctoral programs. For example, the Calvert School Home Instruction Department offers kindergarten through eighth grade to students at a distance. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School offers a complete high school diploma program. Bethany University offers numerous bachelor's degrees through distance learning while Liberty University has a variety of distance education master's programs.?At the doctoral level, schools such as Regent University offer Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs which are delivered primarily online. These are merely examples of the numerous accredited degree programs available and there are countless other courses, certificates, continuing education credits, and other options. Visit the Christian Distance Learning Program Guides to browse current listings of over 450 regionally accredited schools, colleges, and degree programs.

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