Will an Online Degree be Accepted?

As long as you stick with an accredited, preferably regionally accredited, school then you should have no problem with the recognition of a degree earned online. Furthermore, most schools don't distinguish between degrees earned on-campus or via distance education. Therefore, if an on-campus degree from the same school is accepted, then a corresponding distance program will likely be as well. Considering the growing number of programs offered by online education, even by traditional schools such as Duke and Harvard Universities, it is unlikely that you will encounter major difficulties with a distance degree. Some employers may even commend your foresight and self-discipline for seeking out an online program. It says something when the University of Phoenix is the largest private university in the United States.  Although, to be frank, some people have a bias against nontraditional education and unless your degree was from a top-ranked school, you might find yourself losing out to others with traditionally earned degrees.  Over time as what was once nontraditional becomes mainstream, such prejudices should fade, but they still exist in some places.

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