Why Should I Take Classes Online?

A significant benefit for many distance learners is flexibility. Online education programs enable students to take classes or work on a degree without relocating or sacrificing job or family commitments. Online learning can benefit those who need timely training or who would learn better without the rigid structure of a traditional program. Distance education can also be a valuable resource to parents, particularly homeschooling ones, who would like to increase the educational opportunities for their children. Besides the convenience afforded by distance and online learning, it can also enable students to learn directly from instructors who would normally be inaccessible. For example, a student living in Florida could take a class taught by a particular leader in their field who happens to live in California. Sometimes groups of students, such as a small group of adults in the same church or a department within a company, make arrangements with institutions to offer distance education classes. This provides a ready-made class for the institution and offers the participants the opportunity to take credit courses from a leading school. If have a number of interested colleagues and find a degree program that's offered online, you might check to see whether the school will work with your organization to create a special cohort for your group.

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