Is Distance Education the Same as Independent Study?

At one time the only type of distance education was independent study and today this is still one form of distance education, but not the only one. Today's distance classes have the potential of a much higher level of interaction, not only between the student and instructor, but also among fellow students within a class. Many distance learning courses consist of a group of students who interact over the Internet using e-mail, discussion forums, chat rooms, and Web pages or by means of a conference call or videoconference. Perhaps the most common approach is known as an asynchronous learning networks model delivered via a course management system such as Blackboard CourseInfo, WebCT, or Moodle. Some online programs require some type of face-to-face residency where you spend a few weeks on-campus with your classmates. Other non-traditional forms of education often grouped with distance education include mentoring, portfolio development, challenge examinations, classes that meet at a satellite campuses, cluster groups, or modular class sessions. Visit my article Models of Distance Education to learn more about the different types of distance learning.

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