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Blackboard Purchased by Private Equity Firm

The big news of the day is that Blackboard, arguably the Microsoft of learning management systems, has been purchased by private equity firm Providence Equity Partners for $1.64 billion.


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Hybrid Online Learning: A New Project for Stanford's Professors

For many college students, lecture halls and lengthy instruction periods have been the norm; however, a group of professors at Stanford University are working together to integrate new approaches to classroom instruction. According to an article in The Stanford University News, several professors have begun working on integrating three aspects of the online learning experience into the traditional classroom to enhance the learning experience. The recorded lecture, the online discussion forums, and open source web-based platforms could allow professors to spend more time interacting with the students during class.

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Evaluating Online Course Facilitators in Online Graduate Programs

With the growing popularity of online graduate programs, administrators and professors have the arduous task of satisfying the needs of these online students and maintaining the integrity of the program. Many times, one professor cannot handle the number of students for the online course, and online facilitators who may be more advanced graduate students or professionals will take on a group of online students to manage. This does pose a new set of challenges for the students and the online program. According to the research of Scott Dunlap and David May in their article entitled Assessing Facilitator Performance as an Influence on Student Satisfaction, Dunlap and May evaluated two online graduate course facilitators based upon course involvement and its correlations upon student evaluations.

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Major Newspaper Bolstering Revenue Through Online Education

More private companies are partnering with major universities to provide various online education programs. This week, The New York Times announced its new partnership with the University of Southern California to create an online continuing education program. While the company who owns The New York Times as lost a significant amount of revenue this past year, the company hopes its new and continuing partnerships with those in higher education will bolster the faltering revenue. According to an article in Inside Higher Education, The New York Times will partner with USC to give online students non-credit courses through the continuing education department.

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Sarah Askins

Online Education and Second Career Options

Last week, Encore Career announced its partnership with UCLA to develop online programs geared specifically for baby boomers looking for a change in their career path. According to this new partnership, UCLA sees an untapped potential of online education specifically for the aging population who may not be fully satisfied with their career choices. According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, universities such as UCLA are joining with private for profit companies to create online programs.

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