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What's in a Name?

In 2006, Southern Christian University changed its name to Regions University. This afternoon I received an announcement that Regions University has changed its name to Amridge University .


Amridge University is a private university located in Montgomery, Alabama which is affiliated with the Churches of Christ. On their website they note, "Since there is no hierarchical organization over individual congregations or church-related institutions, the relationship of the University with the Churches of Christ is solely on the basis of fellowship. " Based on the responses to their religious affiliation admissions application question, the student body has about a 40-60 split between students who are affiliated with the Churches of Christ and those who are affiliated with other churches.

Amridge has been a leader in Christian distance education for many years. All of their undergraduate degrees are offered fully online while graduate degrees can be completed either fully or mostly online. Amridge has residency requirements within the Turner School of Theology and their doctoral programs. You can visit the Amridge listings in the Christian Distance Learning Degree and Program Directory for more information.

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