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Virtual Classrooms: Flexibility for Students

Many high school students view online education as a means to get another class or two into their full schedule. For other students, Georgia's virtual classrooms allow them to pursue extracurricular activities, remain homeschooled, or have immediate access to public education from outside the USA. According to an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, virtual education allows students to take a full course load and gives the students the flexibility that more traditional schools cannot offer.


In this article, virtual education has seen a steady increase in popularity  especially in the state of Georgia. Georgia's virtual education program gives students access to their instructors through video chats, emails, and assessments. This allows students to be more successful in the virtual classroom. School officials encourage both teachers and parents to monitor their students' grades and coursework closely. This will ensure students are doing the assigned work and encourage students to take a proactive stance when it comes to their education.


You can read more at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



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