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Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy

Terry Anderson, a PhD Professor, discusses three pedagogical models that have defined distance education: behaviorist/cognitive, constructivist, & connectivist. Here are some highlights taken directly from his PowerPoint presentation. If you would like to hear & view the full presentation click here

Slide #3 - Values:
- We can (and must) continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, appeal, cost and time efficiency of the learning experience.
- Student control and freedom is integral to 21stCentury life-long education and learning.
- Current educational models do not scale for lifelong learning for all residents of our planet.

Slide #11 - Behavioral/Cognitive Knowledge
- Logically coherent, existing independent of perspective

Slide #21 - Constructive Knowledge
- Socially constructed

Slide #35 - Connectivist Knowledge
- Emergent
- Distributed
- Chaotic
- Fragmented
- Non sequential
- Contextualized

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