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Virtual Classrooms: The New Face of Education


Each new school year brings new classes and new teachers or so thought Naomi Baptiste according to an article in The New York Times. This North Miami High School senior was a bit surprised to learn that she had been placed in a virtual classroom or e-learning lab. E-learning labs are computerized classroom which provides the student with a computer and facilitator to assist with technological difficulties. According to the article, Naomi is among thousands of high school students who are taking general education courses through virtual classrooms or e-learning labs.

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Anahid Boghosian

Khan Academy on YouTube

Salman Khan, a former  financial analyst, is the one and only professor of his own online academy. Since 2006, he has created 1,400 lectures that are about 10 minutes long. What started out as a means to tutor his cousins, who lived far away from him, has turned into a YouTube sensation.

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Anahid Boghosian

Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy

Terry Anderson, a PhD Professor, discusses three pedagogical models that have defined distance education: behaviorist/cognitive, constructivist, & connectivist. Here are some highlights taken directly from his PowerPoint presentation. If you would like to hear & view the full presentation click here

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