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Improving Learning Outcomes with Wikipedia

Wikipedia has always been seen as the number one source to stay away from when writing research papers. Yet it is the number one source when it comes to finding information. What most people don't know is that Wikipedia is examined by volunteer academics. All information must be cited. There is no room for "original thought" when it comes to writing a Wiki article. According to studies, Wikipedia is as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

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Anahid Boghosian

Providing Audio Feedback on Student Writing

If you write an essay for this professor, chances are you won't receive much feedback written on your paper. That's because most of the feedback is giving in the form of an audio file. Billie Hara, Assistant Professor of English at Texax A&M University, has adopted the method of audio feedback on student writing.

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Questions to Ask When Creating Web 2.0 Training

Mary Arnold of Learning Solutions Magazine has provided some questions that designers should ask when creating  Web 2.0 training. Similar to a classroom setting, the online learning environment requires some guidance and facilitation. In order to create a collaborative learning environment, Arnold highlights the following key questions:

1) Can learners participate in the learning environment at their own level of expertise?

2) Will each learner have a lot of opportunities to participate? 

3) Could the differences between the participants be a source of reciprocal  growth? 

To find out more about these questions please click here

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iPad a Threat to College Bookstores?

The increase of digital textbooks has become a threat to sales at college bookstores. There is a fear that, with the invention of the iPad & other electronic reading devices, students will be visiting the bookstores on campus less frequently.

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Virtual School for K-12

Elk Grove Unified School District is enrolling students for their first-ever virtual school.  All school materials will be provided to the students in order to help them finish the school year. Most of their lessons will be from home, but students will still need to go to campus for tests and occasional meetings with their teachers. This virtual school is open for students in K-12 who live in Sacramento County. For more information visit the school's website

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