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Research on Hidden Costs of Unbundling Faculty Roles in Online Education

Due to the growth of online education offered by colleges and universities, Neely and Tucker conducted a research to find out the hidden costs of unbundling faculty roles. This cost is often overlooked when planning to develop an online course. The research is a bit limited because it was conducted on one course in one college.


In a traditional model, a faculty member is responsible for everything from delivering instructions, developing courses and materials, advising students, conducting research, etc. In an unbundled model, the roles are disbursed. Instead of having one faculty member take on all the roles, even in areas that they might not be an expert at, the unbundling allows faculty member to focus on their area(s) of expertise. "With the unbundled faculty model, new hierarchies are created within the university to support instructional activities." These new roles each have their own costs. 

To find out more about this research and the findings click here

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