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Providing Audio Feedback on Student Writing

If you write an essay for this professor, chances are you won't receive much feedback written on your paper. That's because most of the feedback is giving in the form of an audio file. Billie Hara, Assistant Professor of English at Texax A&M University, has adopted the method of audio feedback on student writing.

Hara believes that revision requires good feedback & simply writing comments on a paper isn't enough. "By recording our comments to students, we are able to give more feedback, be more personal, & connect more easily with the student writer." Audio feedback also allows Hara to ask more questions & even give oral praise. This type of feedback helps students to understand their work differently & revise it differently. 


There is a drawback to providing this type of feedback however. Professors will need to learn to not be self conscious about what they are saying & to make sure that they are providing good feedback. Students might have problems in the beginning of now knowing how to open the audio files, have technical difficulties, or be resistant to this type of feedback. 

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