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Private Sector Helping US Colleges Recruit Globally

The University of South Florida has partnered with Into University Partnerships in order to become an internationally known college. Due to state budget cuts, they are looking for revenues through international students. The annual tuition for Florida residents is about $5,100, but this amount is tripled for out of state & foreign students. They can expect to pay about $15,900 annually.


Using recruiting firms have been used in both Britain & Australia for over a decade, but they are still fairly new in America. Since September 11, 2001 it has been tougher to obtain student visas making it harder to get international students. Into University Partnerships will help put the University of South Florida "on the map globally" and increase their international students. The University is expecting about 400 international students in the first year. Oregon State had 400 students enroll in their Into-Oregon State program. While Oregon & Florida have turned to such means for recruitment, other colleges are a bit weary of joining. They prefer to only adopt some of the private sector strategies but to go at it on their own. 


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