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Prestigious Non-Accredited Doctoral Degrees

A few days ago I received three different emails within the same hour offering me the chance to obtain "quality" Ph.D. degrees with no work and only a simple phone call.

(Yes, spam is wonderful, isn't it?) I thought it would be worth sharing one of these.



Subject: Obtain degreees from Prestigious non-accredited Universities

Academic Qualifications available from prestigious Non-Accredited Universities.
Do you have the knowledge and the experience but lack the qualiffications?
Are you getting turned down time and time again for thhe j ob of your dreams because you just don't have the right letters after your name?
Get the prestige that you deserve today!
Move ahead in your carreer today!
Bachelors, Masters and Ph D's available in y our field!
No examinations! No classes! No textbooks!
Call to register and receive your qualiifications within days!
We work with all counrys
Phone Today [# Removed] Operators Online Now


Putting aside the obvious comments about spelling, I'm not sure whether this email is better or worse than the others with the headings "You are nominated for a Ph.d" and "Your Degree shipped by Fed-Ex". The mention of "prestigious non-accredited universities" is enough to tip the informed reader off to the inherent problem with this offer. In case you missed that, the promise of bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees with no examinations, no classes, and no textbooks plus the ability to call and receive your "degree" within days is enough to locate this offer squarely within the fraudulent category.

Allen Ezell and John Bear wrote a sobering book entitled Degree Mills which uncovers the billion-dollar diploma mill industry and even includes an actual telemarketing script used by the University Degree Program. They also compiled an appendix of "Time Bombs" which lists dozens of examples where such fake degrees were exposed, to the embarrassment (and often loss of job, revenue, etc.) of established professionals, and also listed some unexploded time bombs as well.

My recommendation is quite simple: avoid such programs. There are many legitimate, accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees that can be earned with little or no campus residency time. If you're unsure whether a particular school is accredited, visit the Diploma Mill Check page for assistance.

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