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Online Learning Offering Students Another Choice

With the sluggish economy not improving as quickly as once hoped, college graduates are weary of the uncertain job market and perhaps their choice to attend a traditional four year college or university. Tuition increases and the decrease in funding have some students concerned that a college education may not be an option for them. According to an article in The Columbia Daily Tribune, online learning gives students more affordable higher education options while providing these students with a comparable education to students who went a more traditional route.


According to the article, Bob Roper discusses the benefits of online education providers and the benefits of online learning. First, online learning enables the student to spend significantly less per course than a traditional college. Secondly, online learning courses offer students a quality option that is flexible while still allowing for collaboration with fellow students. Finally, online learning creates competition for the traditional colleges which spurs more creative and new innovations in those classrooms. Colleges are seeing the benefits of hybrid courses both in student appeal and in cost-effectiveness.


You can read more at The Columbia Daily Tribune


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