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Online Learning: Budget or Student Friendly?

Across thousands of community college campuses, students have enjoyed the option of attending classes online. Online education has become the new darling of the academic community for its ability to cut costs per student and increase profits for the colleges. While online courses help those who can't attend college classes on campus, some educators question whether online coursework is as beneficial for all students. According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, Rob Jenkins discusses the challenges confronting the online education machine and the measures needed to improve the success rate of online courses.


In this article, Jenkins cites the open door nature of online education as a potential hazard for students enrolled in the community college. Many colleges require a battery of tests prior to enrollment, but online courses do not require any such testing. Students who want to enroll in online courses should be tested on their ability to operate a computer, navigate online content, and comprehend the large amounts of reading materials. Jenkins also points out that educators and administrators should have more candid discussions concerning which courses should be offered online. Online learning can help both the bottom line and the student with careful planning concerning who enrolls in online courses and what courses are online.


You can read more at The Chronicle for Higher Education


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