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Online Learning and Video Tutoring

With a new school year beginning for many students, teachers are looking for new ways to incorporate technology and online learning programs into their lesson plans. These teachers know that the lecture based learning does not always engage students especially in the areas of Math and Science. For many students, the classroom lecture and homework system does not address their learning needs. According to the Fort Worth Journal and Gazette, the Khan Academy, which specializes in video tutorials, offers teachers a free tool to help students engage with the material.


According to the article, the purpose of the Khan Academy is to provide a new education model for teachers. Rather than focusing on lecturing about new concepts, teachers can assign certain online tutorials for students to watch. This allows classroom time to focus on the nuanced concepts of a mathematical equation or scientific theory. Student's questions can be addressed in the classroom which allows each student to benefit. The Khan Academy offers teachers online tools that will allow teachers to customize lessons according to their students needs.


You can read more at Fort Worth Journal and Gazette


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