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Online Education: Debates Continue

Yesterday, we discussed online education as a “disruptive innovation”; that will bring education back to a student-centered focus. As post-secondary educators grapple with the demands for online education,  state legislatures continue to debate how online education can benefit students in elementary grades through high school. For the past several months, Utah's legislature has debated the effectiveness of online education and its effects on school districts' budgets. According to The Salt City Tribune, educators are still wary of putting these online education ideas into practice. Teachers worry that students enrolled in online courses would have too much free time during the school day and cause disruptions to instruction.

While Utah continues its debate on online education, Idaho has welcomed the opportunity to lead the nation in online education for its students. According to a report by Matt Standal of Fox 12 News in Idaho, former governors Jeb Bush and Bob Wise addressed the new technology task force concerning the importance of online education. Both men cite that online education places the focus back upon the students who will be the future innovators. Bush and Wise encouraged Idaho's task force to see “The Students Come First Legislation” as a positive step for the future of Idaho's education system.


You can read both article at The Salt City Tribune and Fox 12 News in Idaho.  


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