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Online Education and the University of California System

Across the nation, state university systems are making necessary budget cuts which means many students may not have access to certain courses. The University of California system officials reached an agreement that online education would help reduce spending and open up space for students in the most popular courses. According to an article in The San Jose Mercury News, the UC system will offer students online courses developed by the faculty in the freshmen and sophomore level courses. While the undergraduate students are interested in this possibility, the faculty and some graduate students are not.


According to the article, the UC system has courses such as freshmen composition and beginning science courses filling up and leaving many students waiting till the next semester for these courses. An online education program could allow these students to take these courses even when the lecture hall based courses are full. Some faculty and graduate students have raised concerns that online education will make learning too systematic; however, student who took the pilot online classes admitted that they enjoyed the online learning experience.


You can read more at The San Jose Mercury News


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