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Online Education: A Popular New Option in Tennessee

Over the summer, many families in Tennessee eagerly applied their children for enrollment in Tennessee's Virtual Academy. Online education courses are provided through K 12 Inc., and both the Virtual Academy and education officials are pleased with the response to the virtual academy. While many students have enrolled successfully, some are finding the application process challenging. According to an article in Education Week, parents who have applied for Tennessee's Virtual Academy worry that their students will not be able to enroll in the online program.


According to the article, many of the students' applications are tied up in a backlog of paperwork. This leaves many parents frustrated. Education officials and K 12 Inc.'s representatives believe that the slow application process can be attributed to the newness of the Virtual Academy. This is a new venture which will need time to adjust how it handles student applications for the online program. With over 1,300 students enrolled and more than 800 waiting to enroll, Tennessee's Virtual Academy has shown that online education is an option both school officials and parents want.


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