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Online Education: A New Requirement for Florida's Students

As the school year begins for many students across the country, the state of Florida has mandated that every high school graduate will be required to take an online course prior to graduation. Since the beginning of Florida's Virtual School in 1997, most of the students who enrolled in these online courses were the highly motivated. This is changing. According to an article in The Miami Herald, all high school students must take an online course to graduate from high school. These courses include the standard English, Math,and Science but also foreign languages and even Physical Education.


According to the article, Florida legislators made this new mandate based upon the believed technological abilities of its students. For many students, navigating the personal computer is already a part of their lives. Some educators are not convinced this new mandate is the right thing for students. The critics of this new mandate believe online courses diminish the social aspect of school; however, many of the online teachers make regular contact with their students through email and phone calls. Some students can opt to take their online course in a computer lab at school with other students.


You can read more at The Miami Herald


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