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New Online School Popular in Tennessee

In the past six months, several states from California to Utah have debated and passed legislation concerning the future of online education. In May 2011, Tennessee joined the ranks of states who have implemented a new online school system that would allow students from any school district in the state to attend this virtual school. According to an article in The Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee has contracted the for profit company K12 to set up and run the new online school.


According to the article, several parents had concerns about the city of Memphis schools. One parent pulled her child for excessive bullying while another parent worried her children would not be challenged with the current curriculum. Online education provides a flexible model so that both parents can meet their students educational needs. There were some critics of the proposed online school who believed that they may not have enough funds to account for a large number of interested homeschool students. Despite these concerns, state leaders and K12 believe this new online education opportunity will help serve the needs of its student population.


You can read more at The Knoxville News Sentinel


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