Online education continues to be popular option in the state of Michigan; however, some educators and legislators believe the current education laws hinder the growth of online education programs. Currently, a middle or high school student in Michigan can enroll in two online courses per semester , and the school district must apply to waive this limit. Theses waivers are limited to a small percentage of the state's school districts. According to an article in The Detroit Free Press, Michigan's Department of Education is looking to override the current limits placed upon online education courses and make online education more accessible to its students.


According to the article, students need more access to online education courses without the state imposed limits. The benefits of more access to online education are two fold. First, students can either catch up on courses and earn credits for graduation, or students can use these online courses to get ahead in their academic coursework. Secondly, the school districts operating under the state issued waivers are becoming more cost efficient since expanding their online education options. Students enrolled in a district's online education course cost less than a student enrolled in a traditional classroom course.


You can read more at The Detroit Free Press.