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Learndot Opens Corporate University Platform (Including a Free Plan)

Learndot Opens Corporate University Platform (Including a Free Plan)

According to an article in TechCrunch, Learndot has opened up its online learning platform for organizations to create their own virtual corporate universities.  To quote from TechCrunch, "Learndot is combining a course-creation tool a la Udemy with a platform for delivery, quizzing and analytics."  The pricing structure is particularly noteworthy.  A business can pay $499 per month for 150 learners, a team can pay $249 per month for 50 active learners, and anyone can get a free account for up to 5 active learners per month.

Learndot describes itself as "an alternative to traditional learning management systems (LMS)."  Example applications that they suggest are internal online training courses using existing content, repurposing existing content into a "customer onboarding course," and offering sales partners or even the general public an online course.  As part of their pricing structure, Learndot only charges for active learners, which are defined as those who engage with the learning material during that particular billing cycle.  

It will be interesting to see what types of organizations embrace Learndot and whether it's used primarily for internal or external educational applications.

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