Salman Khan, a former  financial analyst, is the one and only professor of his own online academy. Since 2006, he has created 1,400 lectures that are about 10 minutes long. What started out as a means to tutor his cousins, who lived far away from him, has turned into a YouTube sensation.


"My single biggest goal is to try to deliver things the way I wish they were delivered to me," he states. Although he provides the videos for free, many have donated via PayPal. He has received $150,000 in donations and generates $2,000/month through ads on his website.

The Khan Academy doesn't provide any degrees and isn't replacing what they are learning in the classroom.  For students, his videos have become a supplement for their classroom experiences. Will this type of teaching be the future of the education system? Although this type of academy won't necessarily be an alternative to traditional education,  Mr. Khan has a vision of turning it into a charter school.