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iPad 2: Bringing Change to Educational Technology

In a recent press conference, Steve Jobs unveiled the latest version of Apple's iPad. The iPad 2 will include more applications for enhancing academic achievement. According to an article in The Huffington Post, Apple's iPad 2 has the potential to revolutionize the educational technology market for the better. The iPad 2 could help create learning communities outside of the classroom, place cutting-edge technology in the hands of poorer students, and offer competition for the traditional education companies.


According to the article, the iPad 2 offers schools various programs that help students and their families connect with educators outside the classroom. While the iPad 2 may not be a viable option for all students yet, this technology will develop further which will make the iPad an  affordable option for lower income students. Another education benefit of the iPad 2 is the competition placed upon traditional education companies. Smaller technology developers have the opportunity to create and market highly engaging and affordable academic learning applications for the iPad 2. This competition could help encourage traditional education companies to be more innovative when it comes to new learning tools.


You can read more at The Huffington Post.  


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