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Google Offers Education Apps

As an industry leader in technology, Google announced that it will offer new “education apps” for its widely popularly “email and application suite.” According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, Google is offering new education apps in its marketplace to cater to the colleges and universities using Google's free email service Gmail. These new education apps are designed to work with “Gmail and Google Doc” services, and many of these apps are free to those using Google.


While Google Marketplace has been operational for nine months, the new “education aisle” in the marketplace offers helpful apps such as “a bibliography generator EasyBib and the social media test prep company Grockit.” Currently, Google's education apps target “elementary and secondary education;” however, since more universities have turned to Gmail as their email provider, more education apps are likely to be added designed for post-secondary education. Possible apps could include education leaders such as “Blackboard and Pearson.” In addition to nationally recognized education companies, Google's apps marketplace also allows companies to offer their open-source software provided the companies adhere to Google's guidelines.


You can read more about Google's Education Apps at The Chronicle for Higher Education.  


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