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E-Textbooks Could Be Integrated with Blackboard

With more textbooks offering an e-version of the book, college students had to create separate user names and passwords to access the information. This may no longer be necessary. In a recent announcement, the online learning platform giant Blackboard has partnered with several college textbook publishers. This collaboration will allow Blackboard to offer a wider range of services for its learning management system. According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, Blackboard's new partnership allows textbook companies to offer their e-textbooks through Blackboard.


According to the article, this collaborative effort could allow students to access the needed materials from their e-textbooks through Blackboard's learning management system. Students, however, will still purchase their textbooks and rights to the e-version from the bookstore. Instructors view this new partnership as a more streamlined way of integrating the resources available through the e-textbook and the grade tracking feature of Blackboard.


You can read more at The Chronicle for Higher Education


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