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E-Textbooks and Piracy

For many college students, textbooks can be one of the most expensive parts of a college education. Publishing companies have begun to distribute e-textbooks that should help ease the amount of money students spend on textbooks. Many times; however, the e-textbook is as expensive as the printed version. This has increased the number of pirated e-textbooks. According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, e-textbooks are being pirated and distributed to students at a greatly reduced cost.


According to the article, these types of websites have been operating overseas to avoid the penalties imposed by the copyright laws in America. This e-textbook piracy website sent out requests for students to scan their textbooks and post it the site. In an interview of the pirating website's founder, he set up this site to protest the “unfairly high prices of textbooks.” Publishing companies who produce these e-textbooks state that this piracy does not help lower textbook prices, but it forces companies to charge more for the e-textbooks.

You can read more at The Chronicle for Higher Education


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