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The December 2012 issue of Digital Education Review has a number of articles related to digital storytelling that warrant attention.  The introductory article sets the stage, "This article provides a critical review of some of the most relevant studies on digital storytelling and proposes a genre typology that allows an initial classification of digital storytelling into two main types: educational and social."

What's particularly helpful about this issue is that it looks at digital storytelling from both a researcher and practitioner perspective.  Article titles include:

  • Digital Storytelling as a Pedagogical Tool within a Didactic Sequence in Foreign Language Teaching
  • What educators should know about teaching digital storytelling
  • Multimodal Discourse Strategies of Factuality and Subjectivity in Educational Digital Storytelling
  • 'Playing with the Team': The development of Communities of Practice in a Digital Storytelling project

Given the power of narrative to instruct, inspire, and capture the imagination, digital storytelling should be considered as instructors plan teaching and learning experiences.

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