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Back in the fall I received an email from Ken Kuhlken, President and Director of Creative Writing at Perelandra College.  Perelandra is a small DETC-accredited online Christian college in California.

The foundational purpose of the school was "to serve Christian artists and to help them succeed not only in reaching other Christians but in providing, from Christian perspective, real art that can move believers and non-believers alike."  After a few years they added a counseling program, which seems a bit unusual but was apparently prompted by the Board.  Their current degrees are the BA in Writing, the MA in Creative Writing, and the MA in Counseling, which are all listed in the Christian Online Degree Directory

Looking toward the future, Ken noted "We dream of expanding into other arts, particularly drama, film, and music, which would likely necessitate combining residence and distance learning."

It's exciting to see the emergence of a relatively new Christian college, particularly one with a focus on the arts, and so I'm eager to follow Perelandra as it grows and matures. Presented Visually
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