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Contra K-12 iPads

Contra K-12 iPads

In a recent guest post at VentureBeat, the CEO of an app development company argues that the K-12 environment isn't as ready for iPad usage as the popular media would lead one to believe.  Mike Reiners, co-founder and CEO of NOMAD, argues that even though 4.5 million iPads have been sold to US educational institutions (and 8 million to educational instituions worldwide), most schools are not prepared to effectively use the tablets.

He lists four points that should be considered before teachers and schools jump on the iPad bandwagon:

  1. Effective teaching requires planning; introducing iPads without providing sufficient time and resources for such planning will limit their utility.
  2. Schools work with limited financial resources; is a large-scale purchase of iPads or other tools a more effective use of funding than, say, hiring more or better teachers?
  3. Most people use iPads for consumption, not production or development.  Are we just providing students with another opportunity to check social media and play games rather than improve learning?
  4. Schools shouldn't get locked into a single platform; Android devices, for example, are selling faster than iOS ones and students should be "mobile multilingual" to use Reiners' term.

It's a worthwhile article to read in detail, particularly since the author is a developer of apps.  You can read the full article online at Why most K-12 schools aren’t ready for the iPad revolution.

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