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Christians and Video Games

Christians and Video Games

Under the title of Let the Gamers Say "Amen!" Christianity Today reviews a new book from Trinity Western University professor Kevin Schut. Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games examines the world of video games and offers a Christian commentary and perspective on a billion dollar industry that touches the lives of millions of families.

The book's chapter titles give insight into the topics addressed by Schut:

  1. Finding Balance in an Unbalanced Discussion
  2. How to Understand a Video Game
  3. Making the Immaterial Playable: Games, Religion, and Spirituality
  4. Games and the Culture of Destruction: Violence and Ethics in Video Games
  5. Escape! The Peril of Addiction and the Promise of Fantasy
  6. Real Men, Real Women, Unreal Games
  7. The School of Mario: The Brain, Education, and Video Games
  8. Making a Different World: Christians Building Video Games
  9. Plays Well with Others: The Social Side of Gaming
  10. Do You Want to Continue Playing?

What's particularly interesting is that Schut addresses these issues not only from his perspective as a believer and media scholar but also as a gamer himself.  According to the CT review, "Ordinary Christians who want an informed perspective on video games ought to read this book, whether they feel academically qualified or not."  

I'm interested in reading his perspective on the educational use of games.  Educational gaming, or digital game based learning, is a hot topic within the field and there's certainly no shortage of companies touting the latest game as the answer to all of our educational woes. I've had mixed experiences with such applications and generally look somewhat skeptically toward the edutainment industry so Schut's insights will be welcome.

You can learn more about the book and watch some videos of the author at the Brazos Press website.

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