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Atlantic Union College Update

Atlantic Union College Update

In 2011, after losing its regional accreditation due to financial issues, Atlantic Union College closed.  Since then, this Seventh-Day Adventist school has applied the reestablishment of degree-granting authority with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.  Last Thursday, April 18th, a team from Atlantic Union College met with a team from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to discuss the status of their application.

According to the AUC press release, the meeting lasted about 90 minutes and covered topics including the school's history, finances, and application process.  Based on the press release, the AUC team reiterated its commitment to "Christian higher education and a stable financial future."  The AUC team sounds hopeful and, "awaits next-step instructions and a pending decision from the MDHE and will continue to keep all informed of the process."

More details can be found in the AUC press release.

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