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Addressing the Issues of Online Learning

When the University of Southern California partnered with 2tor Inc., this online learning collaboration has garnered praise from those still skeptical of this new advancement in education. Others have been more cautious when it comes to online learning. According to an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, Frank Donoghue addresses some lingering concerns that he has for the future of higher education and this new pedagogical tool of online learning. Donoghue posits that the streamlined nature of online learning may make the courses too sterile and devoid of the creative uncertainty that fosters meaningful learning.


According to the article, Donoghue discusses two pressing issues for professors as well. With many universities using learning management systems or partnering with publishing companies, professors may face greater difficulty gaining the intellectual rights to their courses or the right to choose which textbook to use. Donoghue worries that professors may lose some of the autonomy when it comes to designing courses as well as losing their right to the courses once posted on an LMS. Even with these concerns, Donoghue acknowledges that online learning has established itself as a viable pedagogical tool, but he believes that further discussions should take place about online learning's impact on the professors and their rights.


You can read more at The Chronicle for Higher Education


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