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Accounting for Students in Virtual Classrooms

For many high school students, the roll call during homeroom is standard procedure, and it allows the school system to show how many students need to be funded by the state. California's state legislature is currently debating how to account for the growing number of students attending virtual high school programs and pay for these students' education. According to an article in The Voice of San Diego, California is reconsidering how it funds both online education and traditional classrooms.


According to the article, schools offering online courses must fill out highly detailed forms in order to receive funding, or these schools can require a blended program of study. This blended program requires students to spend the minimum hours required in the classroom before taking online courses. Others believe that online education should be more flexible and allow students to choose how many online courses they take. California's education leaders are considering several options to encourage online education and account for the education funds being spent on online learning courses.


You can read more at The Voice of San Diego.  


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