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ACCESS Conference Highlight: Educational Podcasting

Last week was the ACCESS/Next Step joint conference and there were a number of excellent conference presentations that warrant some comments.  Just as a quick background point, ACCESS is the Association of Christian Distance Education and The Next Step is the North American Partnership in Missions Training.  The two groups came together at the Founders Inn on the campus of Regent University for a joint conference with a theme of Networked Christian Learning.  As a way of ramping up my blogging, I thought I'd highlight a few of the excellent presentations, beginning with Podcasting to Enrich the Teaching/Learning Process by Randy Meredith, Director of Academic Technology at Spring Arbor University.

Randy presented his model of podagogy.  No, not pedagogy, podagogy. By combining podcasting and pedagogy, Randy has come up with a term describing the act or practice of using podcasting to deliver instructional or academic support content in higher education and online education. Since effective podcasting is far more than merely recorded audio, Randy presented a model based on both educational theory and effective practice to use podcasting to enhance teaching and learning.

Randy has developed a model which combines Gagne’s 9 Instructional Events with Keller’s ARCS model (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction) as a structure for effective instructional podcasts. You can read this at his Podagogy blog, which is also filled with other useful resources related to educational podcasting, such as a discussion of recording software , cheap but effective microphones , and iTunesU .

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